Autentik® Sipirok


Type        : arabica
Body       : medium, Smooth, Very Clean after taste
Flavor     : spicy, nutty, Caramelly, Lemony
Acidity    : bright
Origin     : South Tapanuli, North Sumatera


It is such a fortune for Autentik® Coffee to know Bambang Heri Santoso, a coffee grower in Sipirok, North Sumatra. Over the past decade, Bambang chooses to dedicate his life to develop and elevate Sipirok coffee commodity to be able to compete in the national coffee market. Bambang educational background as a graduate in agricultural science from Bogor Agricultural Instute combined with his experiences working in a large corporation engaged in the agricultural industry, provide a strong platform to improve the quality of coffee from Sipirok. Moreover, Bambang also plays a major role in educating and encouraging Sipirok farmers to produce high quality coffee.


Bambang struggle has not been easy. It took years to convince other farmers in his area that Sipirok coffee wasn’t inferior when compared with coffee from other regions in Sumatra. The hardest challenge was to break the myth that was developed in the community in the past, local people believe that Sipirok coffee was toxic and can result in death for the drinker…


Historically, coffee has been developed as an agricultural commodity in Sipirok in the 17th century. At that time, coffee has become an economic resource in the area included in the area of ​​Sumatra's west coast. Unlike other coffees in the archipelago whose origin seedlings were brought by the Dutch during the colonial era, supposedly Sipirok coffee origin was brought in by the Minangkabaus from their Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. Upon their returned, they brought coffee beans from Mecca and then planted in the Minangkabau, West Sumatra and then spread to the northern region of Minangkabau, including Sipirok. Geographically, the Sipirok area is bordering areas of Northern and Western Sumatra. An organized cultivation system was then applied by the Dutch colonial government to enlarge the area of ​​coffee plantations in South Tapanuli region. According to Bambang, in the past; Sipirok coffee beans were deemed as high-value commodity in the world. To ensure that this was not ‘stolen’ by local people, the cunning Dutch deliberately propagated the myth that the Sipirok coffee was toxic. This myth became a hereditary story that made coffee to be a non attractive commodity to be cultivated by local farmers, even long after Indonesia's independence.


Now, together with his nurtured farming community Bambang successfully revive the glory of Sipirok coffee. Coffee has again become an economic resource for Sipirok farmers. And, with a sense of pride, Autentik® Coffee gives an artisan touch to Sipirok coffee at the best quality level.