Autentik® Gayo


Type      : arabica
Body     : high
Flavor   : earthy, spicy
Acidity  : bright
Origin    : Aceh


Gayo is one of the best quality coffee in the world. This coffee has a richer flavor than most other types of coffee in the archipelago. Arabica coffee is grown in the highlands Gayo, Aceh. Before the land was developed in Gayo, origins of coffee seeds were imported by the Dutch from Arab countries to Batavia in the 17th century.

In 1904 the Dutch began developing coffee plantations in the district of Bener Meriah, Central Aceh (Takengon) and Gayo. No less than 81,000 hectares of coffee plantations in this area making Aceh as one of the largest coffee growing areas in Indonesia, and even Asia. This contoured plateau area with an altitude of 1200 -1700 meters above sea level produces arabica coffee beans of the highest quality.

Pemulo Rezeki Putra is a young farmer who we trust to deliver the best coffee beans from the central highlands. As part of the millennial generation that has many options for a career, this young man who’s fondly known to his family and friends as Ewien chose to continue his parents' plantation. Ewien maintains the tradition of a family agricultural business to further develop coffee plantations which he now manages.

Growing up in the millennial era and amid the onslaught of pop culture, not easy for a young Ewien to choose to spend most of his time in remote coffee plantation in the village of Arul Badak, Pegasing, Central Aceh. It takes persistence and a strong passion for this young man to continue his parents' footsteps as a farmer.

The spirit of these young farmers is one of the things that inspire Autentik® Coffee to continuously attempt to elevate the Indonesian coffee at the best quality level.