The ingenuity of Indonesian premium coffee

Established in 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia by a small band of Artisan Coffee aficionados, with the family history backdated from Djakarta in 1910 where the humble coffee house of Ravon van Zaker's family opened in senen area. Autentik Coffee dedicated to offering a highly selective range of coffee from across Indonesia. All of our coffee is lovingly roasted in small batch lots and bagged up fresh the same day. We are committed to offering outstanding quality, ongoing variety with an ethical sourcing policy.


The Founders, Budi Darmawan (the son of Ravon van Zaker) & Diman 

Budi’s grandfather an Iranian Dutch coffee merchant arrived in Jakarta (nee:Batavia) at the turn of the 20th century. Growing up with this thick and fragrant background, Budi has always been fascinated with the taste of coffee and its history. He strongly believes that a cup of strong coffee a day (or 3) helps to build a stronger nation.

Diman, a political research journalist by day, and a coffee drinker by night (and times in between). Coffee is not a lifestyle; IT IS LIFE he often claims.